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They are willing to take the time to explain how Chiropractic treatments help alleviate pain and make your body more able to cope with daily life. It has been such a blessing to me! ... read more



Lakeshore Chiropractic
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At Lakeshore Chiropractic, a Family Chiropractic office formed to treat Gainesville and other North Georgia residents, our commitment is to doing everything possible to achieve your optimum level of health. Some of the Chiropractic techniques that Dr. Mionie uses are Thompson, Diversified, Full-Spine, Activator and the Gonstead technique. We have found that the majority of our patients’ conditions improve dramatically with a two stage treatment program.                                        

Stage One - Pain Relief

By the time you feel the physical manifestations (headaches; back pain; neck pain; numbness; tingling; etc.) of what your body is experiencing, the condition causing these symptoms has typically advanced to a level that demands action not only to relieve these symptoms, but to get to the root cause before the condition worsens.

Regardless of the reason you are experiencing these symptoms, the primary goal initially is to reduce and/or eliminate this discomfort. Being able to return to work, recreational and other activities critical to the quality of your everyday life is the result of the clinical treatment of the condition that is causing these symptoms.

Most of our patients begin to see results after their first adjustment. Our gentle, yet effective, adjustments help the alignment of the body and are gentle enough for babies and kids (they love us), yet able to restore function and movement for everyone from athletes to seniors.

Stage Two - Stabilization

Stabilization is designed to help maintain proper position and motion of spinal bones. After a decrease in the severity of symptoms, treatment can become more active. Usually this treatment will include "Therapeutic Exercises", which are designed to strengthen weakened and/or injured muscles.

Visit frequency is reduced and you will be encouraged to supplement your care with stretching and exercises outside the office. These exercises are designed to continue your rehabilitation and decrease your need for active treatment.

Completion of Care

When maximum improvement is reached, most patients are released with lifestyle instructions that should reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence of their symptoms.